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Facts & Figures

£136 billion anticipated global value of the agricultural technology sector 2025
185 businesses in York & North Yorkshire
542,000 employed across the UK

Agri-tech is where technology is being utilised to provide solutions to problems in agriculture, farming, and food production and distribution and is being developed to allow farmers to increase productivity and reduce costs.

It is a broad sector that encompasses more than on-farm activities: there is also the Research and Development, as well as the manufacturing and selling of the technology.

The combined challenges of global population growth, volatile food prices, climate change and pressure on finite natural resources have brought a renewed focus on the importance of technological innovation in agriculture.

This is an exciting growing industry to consider a career in, from science based roles to do with the environment, agronomy and food production, to engineering roles operating and maintaining farming machinery. This is where the technology comes in - modern tractors, for example, are all computerised and are far more advanced than the average car these days. As the jobs become more technical, so the sector will need skilled, computer-literate people with a good education.

Local AgriTech Jobs

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These are some of the companies in North Yorkshire in AgriTech

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Local AgriTech Learning Opportunities

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